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Step out of your home and into a comfortable, well-manicured outdoor living space. Whether you’re getting your property ready to sell, in need of regular yard maintenance,  or wanting to upgrade your outdoor space, Anthony’s team can help!

Outdoor Living Areas & Yard Maintenance

Power Washing Decks, Sidewalks, & Stairs

Power washing the exterior of your home can extend the life of your home.  If you’re getting your home ready to sell, power washing the exteriors can improve that curb appeal immensely. Dirty siding, sidewalks, and stairs looks ugly and can speed up the breakdown of your siding, concrete, and shingles. Plus, when you are ready to open your windows in the spring time or those cooler fall nights, your allergies will thank you for having a clean home exterior!

Tree & Hedge Trimming

Trimming your trees and hedges beautifies your outdoor space and benefits the plants. Let’s get those boxwoods and hydrangeas in a more uniform shape and let them grow fuller! We can help add life and structure to your existing plants and discuss a plan to add other plants where needed.

Sealing, Staining, & Painting Decks

Protect your deck from the elements. It’s good to seal a deck once a year, depending on how much sun or rain the deck gets. We can help pick out the right application depending on the type of protection your deck needs, then we’ll get to work!

Or, if you’re looking to add a deck to your home, extend an existing deck, or add some shade to your outdoor living area, talk to us!

Mailbox Installation

Mailman get too close to your mailbox? Or have you ever wanted to replace your basic mailbox for a custom one that coincides with one of your hobbies? Let’s talk about it!

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